English Authentic WASHOKU Cooking Class in JIYUGAOKA

Let’s join and enjoy authentic WASHOKU; World Intangible Cultural Heritage that is Traditional Japanese Dietary Cultures.

Japanese cuisine is well known as healthy food utilizing their natural taste of various fresh ingredients such as vegetables.  Beginners as well as advanced students who have interest in WASHOKU can join and learn how to cook Japanese cuisine.  During the class, the instructor will show you how to cook and provide a hands-on cooking experience so that you can enjoy cooking at your own pace.

You can ask any questions about Japanese Cooking to the instructor who has abundant knowledge with Japanese Cooking such as ingredients, seasoning, and serving presentation etc. 

Three types of cooking class are available for your choice.  Please contact us for your registration NOW!

※ Note; All ingredients, equipment and safe environment for you to cook and taste are included in lesson fee

Regular Class for residents in Japan:one or two times monthly
You can learn authentic Japanese Cooking regularly in group together with your friends.


one to two classes on weekdays monthly.  Please check availability. 

Lesson Fee 10,000JPY per person per class

Minimum 2 persons Maximum 5 persons

Experience Class for visitors/travelers
You can make four dishes of authentic Japanese cuisine which is easy to cook.

Schedule Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri  11:00~13:00
Lesson Fee 10,000JPY per person
Participants Minimum 2 persons Maximum 5 persons

Experience Class including Tsukiji Outer Market and Surroundings Tour
Short guiding tour to Tsukiji outer market, and surroundings can be set as option before the cooking class.

Schedule Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri  09:00~13:00
English Guide and Lesson Fee 15,000JPY per person

Minimum 2 persons Maximum 5 persons

For registration and/or inquiry, please contact to:



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